Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I should have won.

I followed the rules, as far as I can tell. I tweeted about the Geek Twins giveaway. I posted on Facebook. I blogged. I included links to everything that I did. I earned 11 points, as you can see. The two posters with the most points were to win a free download of the Star Wars fandom documentary Jedi Junkies.

The person with the most points, 62, got 50 bonus points for being featured in the documentary's trailer.

The person who took second place had 8 points.

My post has shown up on the site. When I first posted, I got a message that it had to be approved by the moderator.

The post announcing the winners is dated Monday August 9, but it's not time-stamped.

Supposedly the contest ended at midnight MT on August 9.

The only thing I can figure, unless the site owner just has it out for me personally or something, is that by midnight, they meant 12:01am MT, which would have been 1:01am CT, and I didn't post until Monday night, because I was thinking that by midnight they meant more like 11:59pm on Monday.

I am quite devastated.

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