Friday, February 11, 2011

One-Page History of Doctor Who

Doctor Who fan and artist Bob Canada created this infographic and posted it on his flickr page. Nerdist featured it, then other sites picked it up and so on and so forth. Bob commented that this version is updated with corrections and suggestions made by some of the thousands of people who've seen the artwork. This is the final version, "for now," and he plans to make it available as a poster.

While we're waiting on confirmation of when the spring series will begin, here's a tidbit for North American fans. Panini (the sticker book people) are publishing a magazine called Doctor Who Insider. The first issue should hit newsstands April 7.

Also, check out the BBC's Back in the USA page. It features photos of the Doctor's recent visit to the American West, as well as a recap of past adventures involving American locations and characters.

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