Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm so tired!

Since Sunday, the computer's been acting weird. It won't recognize the CD-RW drive. The drive door keeps opening and closing on its own. All the files disappeared from Windows Explorer (though we later found them by changing the view). It's been really slow to start up. So, we've been running scan after scan. I say "we" meaning Tim. Virus scans. Adware scans. Online scans. Nada. Maybe it's just that the computer's old. We bought it in January 2000. It's still running Windows 98. I'd like a new computer, to the extent that we can't download music or run some other programs because they require XP. On the other hand, I'd rather not have to buy a new computer.

Has anyone ever figured out how many computer years are in a people year? Like a 6-year-old dog is 42 in people years. I feel like the computer is not really that old, but maybe in computer years, it's ready for the nursing home. Or the grave.

Anyway, I'm tired, because I spend my three hours a night doing what I need to do on the computer, plus we have to do all these other scans, so I'm not going to bed until 2am. Which wouldn't be so bad, I could get 7 hours sleep, except that my cat Wicket insists on waking me up. "Look at me, Mommy. Get me something to eat. Oh look, there's food in my dish. I'll just eat that, shall I? I guess I didn't need to get you up after all."

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