Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My first blog. Ever.

Years ago, before there was an internet, or at least a 'net accessible to the general public, I probably would've been real into blogging. Now, I have so many other things to do in a day. But I had to create an account in order to add a comment to someone else's blog, so what the heck. Here I am. I'll see if I ever remember to update this.

Since blogs are all about commentary on the world, here are a few comments. I love coupons. I hate when the stupid store manager refuses to honor my coupon for 5 Free 2-Liter Coke Products, because it only scanned for the price of one. Then after I complain to corporate, no one calls me or e-mails me, and when I call and get the same stupid woman on the phone, she tells me the registers are "fixed" now and it'll scan right. But do I get an apology? Heck no. I only went into their stupid store (this was Winn-Dixie by the way) to buy the sodas while my husband was getting pizza next door. I wouldn't go back at all except that the cashier, who was at least *trying* to be helpful, wrote "$1.39" on the coupon, and I'm afraid that another store won't take it. Not that the stupid woman at Winn-Dixie probably won't accuse me of something, if she's there when I redeem it.

In the interest of being fair and balanced, I should say that I really liked Winn-Dixie after I won a free trip to New York plus spending money a couple of years ago. Not that I shopped there any more than usual, because they're so expensive, but I did have really nice feelings about them until this whole coupon fiasco.

I've redeemed these Coke coupons just fine at Wal-mart and Food World; the folks there just did a manual override and changed the coupon amount to the total for the 5 sodas.

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