Saturday, June 24, 2006

Are people just stupid?

So, I go to, just out of curiosity, to see what the hot search topics are online. The top three are google, ebay, and yahoo. Why are people searching for these terms? Just add the .com and go there. Sheesh.

This afternoon, we went to Rooms to Go, planning to order a pair of nightstands we'd looked at there a couple of weeks ago. We were trying to talk to the same salesperson, but every time we saw her, she was grabbing another new customer that had just walked in the door. So we ended up talking to this little older guy. He was a little older than us, he was older and small. We walked over to the nightstands and asked, "Do you have them in stock or do we need to order them?" Now, we had talked to this chick before and discussed pick-up versus delivery, and she never mentioned that if you didn't want to have them delivered, you have to go to Mobile to pick it up from the warehouse. Huh? That's crazy! That's like a 90 minute drive, one way. "We don't have the room here," the little man told us. "Can you imagine if we had to store all the furniture that people want to buy?" What, you mean like *any other store*? I told Tim he should just call later and ask for the manager and see if that's really the deal or if the little old man just didn't understand how it works. That's just crazy.

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