Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What is wrong with me?

Or maybe I should ask, "What is wrong with all the potential employers who completely ignore my résumé?"

Over the past four years, I've applied for at least a couple dozen jobs, some in Pensacola, some in Nashville (Tim wants out of the Hurricane Zone). I've had one interview and few form letter rejections. This week, I was actually going to call and ask, "Did you get my application that I submitted through your website?" But I applied on Sunday, checked back Tuesday and the listing was gone. Meaning they probably already hired somebody, and my application was a reminder to them to take down the listing.

That's right, I usually don't call to follow up. A lot of places specifically say, "Don't call us. We'll call you." (Or not.) I've also been on the receiving end of "Did you get my application?" phone calls -- the person who actually makes the decision doesn't get the call, the secretary does. And you don't want to annoy the secretary.

Maybe it's because my degree is in Theatre. It seems like nowadays, at least from the way the job listings are written, experience and knowledge mean nothing. It's all about the degree. We want you to have this specific degree, or we might accept this one, if you have 18 years experience with this particular computer software, not similiar software (we assume you won't be able to learn anything new), we know you probably won't stick with our company for very long, so we certainly don't want to have to train you. Tim is a really talented artist, but he doesn't know Quark, so he'll never be able to get a job as a graphic artist. Never mind that all he'd be doing is positioning letters and logos on signs at a print shop. Must have intimate if-Quark-was-a-girl-her-daddy-would-come-after-you-with-a-shotgun experience because we don't think you can figure out how software works.

Gosh, I'm bitter, aren't I?

It's just, you'd think that with several years experience as a TV news producer (6 years as I write this), P.R. experience, writing talent, customer service skills, and a background in retail management, I could at least get an interview. Check out my résumé and see for yourself.

It wouldn't be as bad, either, if I felt appreciated at my own job. I'm the best producer they've got, and one person in authority has basically told me that. A lot of people that have no power at all at the station have told me that. But if any position opens up that I could *advance* to - someone is going to be hired from the outside. Someone who obviously has the ability to make themselves sound much better than they are.

Yes, I'm very bitter.

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