Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day One - 31 Day Challenge

I read about It's Gravy Baby's 31 Day Photo and Prompt Challenge over at Robyn's Online World, and I decided to participate. The first challenge is to post  a photo of yourself with 10 facts. 

   1. I love Star Wars, and I collect the toys and memorabilia.
   2. Nine cats call me Meowmmy.
   3. I don't get enough sleep.
   4. In high school & college, I studied Spanish (3 years), German (2 years), French (2 years), and Italian (2 years). Today, I can fluently speak English.
   5. I worked for the Sci-Fi Channel when it was just a concept.
   6. I used to be in Mensa, until I couldn't afford the membership dues.
   7. I started first grade when I was four years old.
   8. I adore actor/director/writer Kenneth Branagh and traveled to England twice to see him perform on stage.
   9. I've been to Tatooine. (Really! Okay, it was Death Valley where they filmed some of the Jawa scenes for the very first Star Wars film.)
  10. My favorite play by William Shakespeare is Hamlet.

If you have a blog, you can join the 31 Day Photo and Prompt Challenge by clicking the button on my sidebar. There are NO rules.  You can participate one day or every day.  You can simply put up a photo or you can write up a long post.  Just have fun with it.

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