Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Credit Monitoring Nightmare Continues

The day after I posted An Open Letter to My Credit Card Company, my husband answered the phone. The conversation went like this:

Husband: Hello?
Caller: May I speak to [my name as it is on my card]?
Husband: She's unavailable at the moment.
Caller: I'll call back another time.
Husband: Wait! Is this Bank of America? [You may as well know.]
Caller: Yeeessss.
Husband: Is this a 'courtesy call'?
Caller: Yeeessss.
Husband: Is this in regard to a credit monitoring program?
Caller: Oh, no, [mumbles something about a free credit report]
Husband: Uh-huh. Over the past week she's told two people by phone to make sure she's on the no-call list and she filled out the form on the website. We're now investigating what legal action we can take if this harassment continues.
Caller: Oh. I'll make sure that your account is updated to show that you've opted out [or something like that].

Since then, I haven't received any calls. Or maybe they just called when we weren't home and didn't leave a message. I'll keep you posted.

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